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Region H RHSOC

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Executive Order 06‐09, signed by Governor Matt Blunt in February 2006, established Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committees to begin "establishing strategies and priorities for the Missouri Homeland Security Grant Funding programs and other Homeland Security initiatives."

Since 2006, Mo-Kan Regional Council has been the lead Regional Planning Commission for the Region H Homeland Security Oversight Committee (RHSOC). Mo-Kan, contracted with Missouri Office of Homeland Security (OHS), is responsible for event coordination, administration, fiscal operations, professional development, community outreach, and publicity for the RHSOC. Assisting with these tasks regionally through subcontracts are Green Hills Regional Planning Commission and Northwest Regional Council of Governments.

The 32-member, 16-discipline Region H Homeland Oversight Committee meets on a quarterly basis, and is charged with the task of planning regional response to acts of terrorism, natural disasters, and other events, as well as locally allocating State Homeland Security Grant funds from the State of Missouri

Committee Members

Name Discipline Role Jurisdiction/Organization
Bill Brinton Emergency Management Chair Buchanan County
David Roll Emergency Management Primary Daviess County
Blair Shock Emergency Management Alternate Clinton County
Jason Strong Police Primary City of Saint Joseph
Dan Miller Police Alternate City of Cameron
Grant Gillette Sheriff Primary Andrew County
VACANT Sheriff Alternate
Bill Lamar Fire Vice Chair City of Saint Joseph
Mike O'Donnell Fire Alternate City of Cameron
Kelli Hillerman County Health Primary Grundy County
Bre Bennett County Health Alternate Harrison County
Adam Perry HAZMAT Primary Buchanan County
Christian Virtz HAZMAT Alternate
Jerry Gill Public Works Primary Buchanan County
VACANT Public Works Alternate
Bruce Lundy City Administration Primary City of Savannah
Chase Waggoner City Administration Alternate City of Plattsburg
Scott Nelson County Administration Primary Buchanan County
Jim Holcomb County Administration Alternate Harrison County
Dan Hegeman Public Utility / Private Industry Primary Evergy
VACANT Public Utility / Private Industry Alternate
John Barclay EMS Primary
Blake Rudel EMS Alternate Andrew County
Brent Blackburn 9‐1‐1 Primary City of Cameron
Rhonda Wiley 9‐1‐1 Alternate Atchison County
Neal Hook Schools Primary Saint Joseph Christian
VACANT Schools Alternate
Bill Caldwell Volunteer Organization Primary American Red Cross
VACANT Volunteer Organization Alternate
Ruben Bulgin Agriculture Primary Lifeline Foods
Marcus Casady Agriculture Alternate Holt County
Allie Behymer Hospitals Primary Mosaic Life Care
Keri Barclay Hospitals Alternate Harrison County Community Hospital

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