Geographic Information Systems (GIS) shows us data behind the locations that matter most. 

Even if you've never heard of it, you've probably used it before - it powers everything from navigation apps to weather forecasts. Mo-Kan Regional Council uses GIS to update various regional planning documents, apply to state and federal grants, and keep track of the impact the projects we administer have on our service area. 

Our Products and Services

Mo-Kan provides mapping services and products to our member communities at a lower cost than most GIS and mapping companies, due to the ability to offset expenses from annual community assessments. These same services are provided to non-members on a service-fee basis. With our large-format HP printer and scanning capabilities up to 36” wide, we can produce and laminate maps up to 34” x 44” for enhanced durability. We also specialize in developing community surveys, demographic profiles, and project infographics to effectively communicate data and engage stakeholders in the decision-making process. Mo-Kan maintains a ESRI standard license , a high-accuracy GNSS receiver and aerial drone to capture a wide range of geographic information and present it in formats tailored to a variety of audiences.

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