One of the most important tools of city management and planning is accurate, up-to-date maps. Zoning, right of way determinations, utility locations, lot divisions and parcel locations are just a few of the everyday tasks that communities routinely accomplish with the help of various mapping resources. 

GIS allows users to visualize, question, analyze, display, interpret and understand relationships, patterns and trends based upon its location. GIS makes it possible to integrate different kinds of geographic information such as digital maps, aerial photographs, satellite images and global positioning.

Based on an awareness of the rapid adoption of GIS as a planning tool, Mo-Kan recently began to offer these services in addition to its cartographic products. GIS can be best described as the synthesis of mapping and databases, tying information to a map to create a more complete picture. For example, a standard map of a county can be tied with data from the United States Census Bureau, showing population densities and growth trends.

Many smaller communities lack the resources or demand to justify the staff and equipment necessary to continually produce high-quality mapping products. Recognizing this, Mo-Kan provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services for its member communities, supplying them with mapping resources as needed. Mo-Kan can provide high quality maps using its ESRI ArcGIS 10 and Trimble GPS software. The HP Plotter allows Mo-Kan to print maps as large as 34 inches by 44 inches. Additionally, your maps can be laminated to ensure durability.

Mo-Kan is able to provide all of these services to all member communities at a lower cost than most GIS and mapping companies, due to the ability to offset expenses from annual community assessments. These same services are provided to non-members on a service-fee basis. For more information about Mo-Kan’s GIS and mapping services, or to receive a bid for services, contact us at (816) 233-3144.

In 2017, Mo-Kan produced a warning siren coverage map for Buchanan County and a Clinton County flood plain map. Over 60 maps were produced for hazard mitigation and transportation planning documents.  

Ideal Use Cases for GIS

County commissions and regional organizations can use such growth information to make informed decisions on where to spend limited public funds to make infrastructure improvements. Further, GIS allows the combination of new imagery products, such as aerial photography and elevation models, with standard cartographic layers, such as road networks and hydrologic features. This type of product can help communities see the impact of potential public projects on private property, and assist with issues of public buy-in and promotion.

Examples of GIS Products

Mo-Kan GIS aids in the maintenance of the Regional Transportation Plan, Hazard Mitigation Plan, Regional Comprehensive Plan and other grant and contract work. Member counties and municipalities utilize these services for spatial analysis of transportation systems, demographics, land use, flood plains, etc.

In addition to GIS services, Mo-Kan houses a camera-equipped drone that is utilized to take high-quality, bird’s-eye pictures and video of communities, infrastructure and streets.