The voting membership of the Mo-Kan Regional Council consists of 32 persons, 16 each from Missouri and Kansas. Kansas members are named directly to MKRC by Atchison and Doniphan Counties and the municipalities of Atchison and Morrill. Missouri members are first named by the counties and municipalities to the ABCD Planning Commission, which then holds a caucus to name the 16 who will be MKRC voting members. Leah Johnson, Economic Development Director, Doniphan County Chamber of Commerce, is the board president.



Andrew County: Brad Jarvis

Buchanan County: Scott Nelson

Buchanan County: Vacant

Clinton County: Jay Bettis

Clinton County: Vacant

DeKalb County: Tanya Zimmerman

DeKalb County: Vacant

Doniphan County: Vacant

Doniphan County: Joyce Simpson

Doniphan County: Vacant

Atchison County: Vacant


Amazonia: Richard Russell

Atchison: Vacant

Cameron: Tim Wymes

Cameron: Michael Russell

Clarksdale: Ward Good

DeKalb: Vacant

Easton: Vacant

Fillmore: Vacant

Gower: Ken Pike

Lathrop: Robert Burnes

Maysville: Michele Allwood

Morrill: Vacant

Plattsburg:  Chase Waggoner

Rosendale: Vacant

Savannah: Bruce Lundy

St. Joseph: Gary Miller

St. Joseph: Marty Novak

St. Joseph: Michael Grimm

St. Joseph: Andrew Trout

St. Joseph: Max Schieber

St. Joseph: Joshua Stephens

St. Joseph: Chance Gallagher 

Stewartsville: Tom Lawson

Trimble: Vacant

Union Star: Vacant


Agency: Vacant

Country Club: Josh Weaver

Lewis and Clark: Vacant

Weatherby: Vacant

Mo-Kan Regional Council Staff

Executive Director: Trevor Tutt

Fiscal Officer: Kathy Hahn

Community Development Planner: Rebecca Thacker

Community Development Planner: Trevor Callaway

Community Development Planner: Vacant

GIS Specialist: Lily Clajus

Senior Loan Officer: Joseph Penning

Loan Officer: Teresa Simmons