The voting membership of the Mo-Kan Regional Council consists of 32 persons, 16 each from Missouri and Kansas. Kansas members are named directly to MKRC by Atchison and Doniphan Counties and the municipalities of Atchison and Morrill. Missouri members are first named by the counties and municipalities to the ABCD Planning Commission, which then holds a caucus to name the 16 who will be MKRC voting members. Leah Johnson, Economic Development Director, Doniphan County Chamber of Commerce, is the board president.



Bob Caldwell—Andrew County

Scott Burnham—Buchanan County

—Buchanan County

Don Moore—Clinton County

Gary McCrea—Clinton County

Tonya Zimmerman—DeKalb county

David Far—DeKalb County

Leah Johnson—Doniphan County

Joyce Simpson—Doniphan County

Brett Neibling—Doniphan County

—Atchison County


Brenda Goodwin—Amazonia


Michael Johnson—Cameron

Tim Wynnes—Cameron

Ward Good—Clarksdale

Skyler Glaub—DeKalb

Sally McDowell—Easton

Thomas Coates—Fillmore

Carroll Fisher—Gower

Robert Burnes—Lathrop

Pat Fisher Johnson—Maysville

Linda Hill—Morrill

Joe Trotter—Plattsburg

Jeanette Dunbar—Rosendale


Brian Myers—St. Joseph

—St. Joseph

Adam McGowan—St. Joseph

—St. Joseph

—St. Joseph

—St. Joseph

Brad Campbell—St. Joseph

Chance Long—St. Joseph 

Joe Stevenson—Stewartsville

Michael Shyrock—Trimble

Stacy Benoit—Union Star


Bryan Gabriel—Agency

Elmer Mayse—Country Club

Jack Rodkey—Lewis and Clark

Stephen Gallus—Weatherby

Mo-Kan Regional Council Staff

Tyler Ferrell —Executive Director

Linda McNeiley— Fiscal Officer

Rebecca Thacker — Planner

Hayley Howard—Planner

Houston Roberts—Planner

Trevor Tutt—Planner

Teresa Simmons — Loan Officer 

Roni Mauer — Loan Officer

Missouri Job Center

Janice Spearman–Functional Leader

Sydney McCord–Career Counselor