About Homeland Security



In 2006 the signing of Missouri Executive Order 06-09 formed the nine Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committees (RHSOC) throughout the State of Missouri. Northwest Missouri is Region H.  This 32 member committee, representing 16 disciplines, is formed of people from the emergency response disciplines, local and county agencies and other organizations from the 15 counties in NW Missouri.  Mo-Kan Regional Council is the lead regional planning commission for the Region H RHSOC.

The committee, meets on a quarterly basis, and is charged with the task of planning regional response to acts of terrorism, natural disasters, as well as allocating State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSP) funds.

Mo-Kan is responsible for assisting the Region H RHSOC, in conjunction with the Missouri Department of Public Safety, in developing a planning process to assess, evaluate, identify and prioritize existing and needed Homeland Security assets.  This planning process is used as a basis for funding and policy recommendations from the region.

Mo-Kan serves as the primary administrative agent for the committee, which involves completing paperwork, arranging meetings, and facilitating communication between the individual RHSOC disciplines.  Additionally, Mo-Kan services as the fiscal agent for the administration of the grant program and the procurement of regional assets funded through SHSP

Region H Counties

  • Andrew

  • Atchison

  • Buchanan

  • Caldwell

  • Clinton

  • Daviess

  • DeKalb

  • Gentry

  • Grundy

  • Harrison

  • Holt

  • Livingston

  • Mercer

  • Nodaway

  • Worth